The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading

Production Notes on Chapter III,
For the Eyes, the Ears, or Both

      Chapter III will show the various ways that text set in interactive movable type can be advanced and highlighted or framed. It will also show how readers will be able to call for a-v-simultext presentations. A-v-simultext is the simultaneous presentation of visual text and the corresponding speech sounds. Speech sounds that are presented at faster or slower speeds than normal speech will be presented as compressed speech (speech that is accelerated or slowed without changing the tone or pitch of the speech). The movie's only human performer, Mu Man, will appear in Micromovie 2 of this chapter, as shown below.

      At the present time the personification of The Mu Man is a simple sketch, as shown above (a crude self-portrait of WRP), with occasionally moving lips. In the finished production that is to be offered to the public through, however, The Mu Man will become more life-like – perhaps as an avatar resembling WRP.
      After Mu Man's presentation, a demonstration of a-v-simultext with word-by-word advances will be shown – with each word highlighted or framed as it is said. This will illustrate how interactive movable type can be used by those who are just learning to read, by readers who are visually-impaired, and by those who are working on their pronunciation and speech.
      The next demonstration in the chapter will be a paragraph presented as a-v-simultext at five phones per second (about 150 words per minute) with each muglyph framed or highlighted as the text is spoken. The paragraph's text explains how rates are set for advancing muglyphs.
      The next scene will show how readers can have text advanced a row at a time – either with or without speech sounds – and with or without framing or highlighting. The first three rows of text that are presented will be presented as a-v-simultext at a rate of 12 phones per second. The last three rows will be presented without speech sounds but at the same aural rate of 12 phones per second.
      The final scene, Micromovie 9 will briefly describe the other ways that readers of text set in interactive movable type will be able to have static text displays advanced.

      Explanatory notes that are included in the script, but are not part of the script, will be shown in ALL CAPITALS LIKE THIS.

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