The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading

Production Notes on Chapter IV,
Muvies and the Muvie Specification Panel

      This chapter will begin with two static mutext panels that describe the six muvies that are to be presented in the chapter. Following the two mutext statements the viewer will be presented with the specification panel for the first muvie in the series. The panel will show the settings for the muvie. With the spec panel on display, an unseen narrator will say "You will now see a one-line muvie, ‘End of the Five Fixation Limit,’ presented at a visual display rate of four muglyphs per second." As the narrator says "one-line muvie," the one-line button on the panel will flash. When "visual displays rate" is said, the visual display rate button will flash – and when "four muglyphs is said," 4.0 will flash. The narrator will then say, "To run the muvie, use the ‘Show the Title’ button. After you run the muvie, a static display will appear that shows the entire text of the muvie."
      In this script only static displays of the first five muvies are shown. But in the script’s sixth muvie, "The Expanded Muglyph," each frame in the muvie is shown, after which a static display of the muvie is shown. When the muvie specification panel for the sixth muvie is presented in the movie, the unseen narrator will say, "You will now see a muvie with five-line expanded muglyphs, a muvie that uses different typeface sizes in each line of each muglyph. The enlargement of the lines above and below the center line in each muglyph enables the reader to make better utilization of his or her visual system. We have high acuity in the center of our visual field, but lower acuity as the distance from the center of the field increases. Thus the expanded muglyph will compensate for the decreasing acuity in our visual fields as the distance from the center increases."

  The six muvies that will be shown in this chapter are:
        Muvie 1 - The End of the Five Fixation Limit
        Muvie 2 - Now Hear This
        Muvie 3 - Aural Pacing, but No Sound
        Muvie 4 - He Left Cues All Over the Place
        Muvie 5 - Muvies for Visualizers
        Muvie 6 - The Expanded Muglyph

      After the static display of "The Expanded Muglyph" a table will be presented that shows how the various sizes of text will be distributed in expanded muglyphs.

     The final panel in this chapter is a mutext statement about the ease with which the reader can move back and forth between muvie and static display modes in mudoc publications.

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