The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading

Production Notes on Chapter V,
The Mudoc Reference Substructures

      This chapter will be one of the movie's more entertaining chapters. The bulk of the chapter will consist of examples of data retrieval from a mudoc reference substructure. The examples will show how word research can be fun, interesting, and rewarding. Before the wordplay begins, however, four griddled mutext panels will be presented. The panels will explain briefly what reference substructures are and what readers will be able to do with them. The panels will say essentially the same thing in each language in which the movie is produced. However, each set of examples of data retrieval will be a new set of words selected from the language used in that particular production. The examples simply would not translate in any meaningful way from one language to another, so each set will consist of words or characters that demonstrate various features, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies of the language being used.

      In each language version the viewer will be able to pick and choose from the list of examples that are included in that version. The list will show the kinds of information that are provided about each word or word combination used in the examples. Thus the viewer will be able to spend a good deal of time reviewing the examples or can just take a quick look at those words that are of interest to him or her. Some of the examples that are used will provide very limited information about the word, such as the kind of information that might be found in an abridged dictionary (but including the aural pronunciation as well as the visual description of the pronunciation). Others will show more information, including pictures or sketches or the kind of information that might be found in a large historically-based unabridged dictionary (such as The Oxford English Dictionary), specialized dictionaries, a general encyclopedia, a technical manual or text, or an educational or training film about the topic.

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