The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading
Production Notes for Chapter VII,

Languages of the Future

     This chapter will consolidate two documents from The Mudoc Corporation's Think Tank. They are "Languages of the Future," Chapter IV in The Mu Primer, and the "Easy Development" section of The Mudoc Technology, The Mudoc Corporation's business plan. Both of these monographs are now available in linear text at

     Additional information and predictions about Easy can be found in the following monographs at "Mudoc Corporation's New Tools for Learning, Reading, Working," "The New Computer Marketing Paradigm," and "How Tomorrow's Movies Will Differ."

     In the finished movie production of this chapter the viewer will be able to have the text presented as muvies or as static mutext displays. Each viewer will be offered a limited number of choices in rates of presentation, size of muglyphs, type size, and whether the text is to be presented as a-v-simultext or without speech sounds.

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