The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading

Production Notes on Chapter VIII,
Life in a World of Superreaders

     The movies final chapter will consist of the four brief statements shown in the script. The reader will be given a number of choices in how each statement is to be presented, including the following:

  1. as a static display without sound - with the text displayed as one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-line mutext, whichever the reader chooses,
  2. as a static display in a-v-simultext with each muglyph highlighted as the words are spoken at aural rates equivalent to about 150 words per minute, 300 wpm, 450 wpm, or 600 wpm, whichever the reader chooses - with the text in each panel presented in a three-line format,
  3. as a one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-line muvie with uniform text or as a four-line or five-live muvie with expanded muglyphs presented at an aural display rate chosen by the reader, but without speech sounds - with each muvie presentation followed by a static display of the muvie,
  4. as a three-line a-v-simultext muvie presented at one of four aural display rates (150 wpm, 300 wpm, 450 wpm, or 600 wpm) from which the reader can choose - with the muvie presentation followed by a static display of the muvie.

     With each segment, the viewer will be presented with a static display spec panel and a muvie spec panel. Those buttons that are live and can be used by viewers to make their choices will be shown in red. Although each viewer will have a limited number of choices in how he or she can have the text presented in this chapter, it should become apparent to most viewers that readers will have an infinite number of choices and combinations when using fully-implemented interactive movable type software.

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