The Coming Revolution
Writing and Reading

A new kind of Internet movie
starring The Interactive Word

Introduction. The Expansive Scope of The Coming Revolution
Chapter I. A New Relationship between People and Text

Chapter II. Calling the Shots: The Static Mudoc Specification Panel
Chapter III. For the Eyes, the Ears, or Both
Chapter IV. Muvies and the Muvie Specification Panel
      Muvie 1 - The End of the Five Fixation Limit
      Muvie 2 - Now Hear This
      Muvie 3 - Aural Pacing, but No Sound
      Muvie 4 - He Left Cues All Over the Place
      Muvie 5 - Muvies for Visualizers
      Muvie 6 - The Expanded Muglyph
Chapter V. Mudoc Reference Substructures
Chapter VI. The Telereader Terminal
Chapter VII. Languages of the Future
Chapter VIII. Life in a World of Superreaders


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